My Teacher Is a Monster (No, I Am Not)


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Little Brown Books for Young Readers July 1, 2014
Character-Building Curriculum

"Bobby had a big problem at school.  Her name was Mrs. Kirby."  

Take one look at this teacher, who, by the way, always refers to Bobby as Robert, and you know exactly how Bobby feels.  Look at her.  Her face and hands, or should I say paws, and her legs are green.  Now, what normal teacher is green?

Her paws have big claws on them and when she opens her mouth you see giant teeth.  Talk about a scary monster.  She even stomps and roars and some of the time she is roaring at Bobby.  What a monster!

Then, one Saturday morning, Bobby goes off to play at the park and discovers to his horror that sitting in his favorite spot is that monster, his teacher.  There's no where to hide so Bobby has to face her.

The look on this monster's face does not invite friendship or even friendly chatting.  She's a mean one this Mrs. Kirby. Or at least Bobby thought she was a mean one. She sure looks like a mean one, right?

Peeling away the layers outside the school building just might reveal another side to this horrible woman and if you watch her face in the illustrations, you may see a change.  

Beware the Mrs. Kirby's of this world.  Delightful fun as Robert and Mrs. Kirby figure each other out a little better.  They just might make history together!

978-0316070294   40 pages   Ages  4-8

Recommended by:  Barb,

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