My Side of the Car

My Side of the Car

Hooray, we're going to the zoo! Sadie is so happy. Her family has started out for the zoo many times and something has always gotten in the way. Her mother tripped over a toy fire truck so they headed to the hospital. Their pet dog ran off so they headed out to find him. Something always seems to come up to send them anywhere but the zoo. Today is zoo day and Dad and Sadie are on their way. All is well until Dad notices it's raining. When he points it out to Sadie, she looks out her window and sees exactly what she wants to see... sunshine and happy people! Dad drives on and a hilarious exchange of points of view takes place. Dad is experiencing a torrential downpour and Sadie finally notices a drop... well, probably just half a drop... of rain on her side. This is a hilarious read aloud that rings true with kids. They know exactly how Sadie feels wanting so much to finally make it to the zoo. The illustrations are comical and light hearted and complement the anticipation and the game between father and daughter. Ages 4-8 32 pages


This story of Sadie and her dad’s attempting to find the right time to visit the zoo, after several failed tries, is the perfect example of a loving father/daughter relationship. Based on a real-life situation, the father (illustrator) and daughter (author) team shows the patience and optimism that goes on in family relationships. The playful conversation between Sadie and her dad keeps the reader and listeners engaged in the story and involved to the very end.

A true example of how life can get in your way and change your plans, but a little rain won’t hurt.

Bonus: A peek into the lives of the author and illustrator. In the back of the book, Jules and Katie discuss the past event that lead to this story.

Recommended by Deborah McLaughlin, Librarian

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