Mouse and the Motorcycle, The

Mouse and the Motorcycle, The

Ralph isn't just any mouse living in an old motel. He is a fearless mouse with a constant hankering for ventures that would take him far from his family's mouse hole in Room 215. Many times he sits on the windowsill staring out at the countryside, wishing to roam freely without the distress of worrying about owls or mousetraps. That is until a boy, named Keith, comes to stay in Room 215.

Ralph unintentionally befriends Keith, but it turns out to be a gift for him and his entire family. The best part of it all is that Keith lets Ralph ride his toy motorcycle that actually gives Ralph the privilege to leave Room 215, go down the hallway, and farther than he has ever been before. The wind in his face and his whiskers blowing wildly keep Ralph addicted to the need for speed. But will Ralph's new addiction get Ralph into more trouble than he has ever dreamed of? Will he lose Keith's special friendship and will his entire family become in grave danger?

Or will Ralph figure out how to save the day--save his whole world? 208 pages

Contributed by M.M.R.

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All of Beverly Cleary's Ralph S. Mouse books are fun to read!
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