Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom

Moses:  When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom

When Harriet Tubman's master decided to sell her down south, she made up her mind to escape and find freedom. Born a slave, she had been working since the age of seven. She had never been willing to accept the conditions of her life and now she was going to run. The journey was frightening and difficult. She never knew who to trust or how she would get through the next day. But her faith in God was always with her and she turned to that faith to give her strength and wisdom. Lying in the forest at night, she listens to the sound of hoofbeats. Are they coming after her? Choosing to trust a farmer's wife who hides her in a wagon, she wonders if she is actually being driven to jail. Hiding in a potato hole for seven days, she wonders when it will be safe to emerge. Throughout her nightmare, God was present, watching over her, reassuring her, and reminding her of her special gifts. She made it to the land of freedom, Philadelphia and then chose to learn the ways of the Underground Railroad so she could help others. Nineteen trips later, she had saved more than three hundred people and had become known as the Moses of her people. Choosing to go beyond the facts and the challenges, this book becomes a reflection of the spiritual journey of Harriet Tubman and her faith in times of great doubt and fear. 48 pages Ages 5-9

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