Mockingjay (Hunger Games, The Final Book)

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Mockingjay  (Hunger Games, The Final Book)

Just how much has Katniss Everdeen lost since she first entered the Hunger Games? As the book opens, Katniss is being allowed a short tour of District 12 and is struggling with her future. Should she choose to become the Mockingjay? What has happened to Peeta? Is he still alive? Her mother and sister are finding their places in District 13 and after Katniss hears Peeta on the television she realizes she has no choice but to be a leader and an inspiration to the survivors in the other Districts. President Snow and the forces of the Capitol seek to dominate all and are going to use Peeta and anyone else they can to control Katniss. The bombs drop and the devastation continues. The leaders of District 13 film Katniss and capture her genuine charisma on tape much to the frustration of President Snow. A showdown is inevitable between Katniss and those who are intent on dominating the folk of the outlying districts. There is much for Katniss to lose but unless she gives her all, there will be no real future for her. Adventure, self-reliance, choices and thought-provoking scenarios of the government manipulating the masses all work together once again to create a riveting finale to the trilogy. 400 pages Ages 12 and up

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I really lie
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I couldn't decide whether to give this book a 2 or a 3. This book contains excellent action-packed storytelling and an amazing ending. My hesitation in giving it a 3 rests on the fact that the book contains so much violence. However, the level of violence is probably necessary in that it makes the story that much more powerful.
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this is the third book in the hunger games series . if you like fast paced action this is your book.I highly recomend this book.I could'nt put it down

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