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Middle School Book 2: Get Me Out of Here


He's the new kid!  This isn't how things were supposed to turn out for seventh grader Rafe Khatchadorian.  He was supposed to be going to a special art school where he could really turn his artistic talents loose.  But then his mother lost her job and they had to move.  Now Rafe is walking into a new school, The Cathedral School of the Arts,  trying to figure out how to fit in and where to find friends.

In his first art assignment  Rafe has to draw a self-portrait. Is it proclaimed as a work of art?  It is not. Clearly, these students who have known each other grade after grade know something about art that Rafe has missed.  With everyone making fun of his picture, Rafe looks for someone to take his side and make the hours at this school bearable.

This is the sequel to Middle School:  The Worst Years of My Life.  Rafe is about to meet Matty and Freak.  Their first escapade will involve water balloons and the rooftop of the school.

Rafe is setting out on Operation:  Get a Life.  Inspired by his imaginary friend, Leonardo the Silent, Rafe will be overcoming some of his fears and limits while facing off against bullies and trying new things.

978-0316206716   280 pages   Ages  9-13

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