Michael Vey Book 3: Battle of the Ampere


Riveting, rollicking, and rocket paced, the third book in the series will hold readers on the edge of their seats. Michael wakes up in a Peruvian. The tribe nurses Michael back to health after his escape from the Elgen. The rest of the Electroclan are nowhere to be found. After destroying the Elgen's Starxsource Plant, they have gone into hiding.

Michael meets another electric teen named Tesla (Tessa). Dr. Hatch kept her as a prisoner for two years. She managed to escape and the Amacarra tribe has kept her hidden in the jungle. The tribe takes the two of them down the river where they meet up with Jaime, Michael's friend in Peru. Jaime warns them that not only is the Elgen after them, the entire Peruvian government is hunting them. They are now considered dangerous terrorists for blowing up the country's electric plant.

Michael plans to find the Electroclan and his mother. He needs Jaime and he needs Tessa's help; she is able to multiply electricity, something that is sure to come in handy in overthrowing the Elgen and rescuing his friends. Meanwhile, the Electroclan are planning their escape from the authorities. Ostin, super rocket scientist geektastic nerdster figures out how to rewire the RESAT machines they are forced to wear.

The teens are on the run from the authorities and the Elgen. Jaime is contacted by the Voice who tells them that the best time to strike the Elgen is when they dock their ships in port. The Ampere is the Elgen's finest "fortress" ship. Evil Dr. Hatch takes over the ship imprisoning the council.

Michael knows that they have to sink that ship. Once again he turns to his friends. Who will join him on his dangerous quest? Who is the Voice and why is he helping them? What does Jaime really know? Where is Michael's mother and why are the Elgen holding her?

Highly, highly recommended for anyone who loves a great adventure. Michael Vey is captivating and fun. Fans of the series will HAVE to have this one, and if you've never read this series, what are you waiting for?

Grade 6-up. Teens who act  like 007; what could be better?

320 pages  978-1442475113  Ages 12 and up

Recommended by: Pamela Thompson, Librarian, Texas USA

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