Mexican WhiteBoy

Mexican WhiteBoy

What a fabulous book! So often our middle school and high school boys are looking at the world around them and trying to figure out how to be a man and how to chart their course for success. This is the story of Danny, half Mexican and half white, who is spending the summer with his father's relatives in Mexico. He's searching for answers about himself. Who am I? I'm not as dark as my father's side of the family and I don't speak Spanish. I'm not as white as my mother's side of the family. This is a journey into the world of his father in search of identity. At the same time, a young black named Uno is searching for his path too. His father, Senior, shows up periodically to philosophize in ways Uno struggles to understand. But, eventually, he starts to get it.

If you know a middle schooler or a high schooler who asks questions or seems lost, this book may be the best friend he or she ever had. It really understands how it feels to be looking for hope and wondering if you're good enough to deserve it.

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