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Mercy Watson Princess In Disguise


Mercy Watson, in case this is your first introduction to this series of books, is a large pink pig who lives at 49 Deckawoo Drive with Mr. and Mrs. Watson who love her dearly.

Mrs. Watson is a settled sort of person who occasionally gets great ideas.  Mr. Watson is a genial, centered fellow who delights in carrying out tangible tasks in support of his beloved wife.  Life is good in their home.

Now, one of the most important things you MUST know about Mercy is that she loves, beyond all things, a slice of generously buttered toast.  Toast truly makes Mercy's world go round.

So, on this day in the fall, when Mrs. Watson gets the idea that Mercy truly should go trick or treating for Halloween, Mercy opens one eye and waits for the rest of the story.  Since the rest of the story involves a pink princess dress with the potential of a tiara, Mercy should be convinced to join in the fun but it takes the promise of treats... as in buttered toast treats...that really open both of Mercy's eyes to the joy ahead.

Delivered with top-notch comedic timing, a balance of neighbors who JUST SAY NO and those who see the silver lining and the ever-ready and seasoned firemen of the community, this story just rollicks along.  

Laugh and love it.  You'll read it over and over again.  

Recommended by  Barb

Ages  4-9     80 pages    978-0763649517

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