Matched Trilogy: Matched, Book 1

Matched Trilogy: Matched,  Book 1

In a futuristic society, free will is no more -- the Officials decide everything -- who you will marry, where you will work, where you will live, how many children you will have, and the exact date of your death--because it's been decided that eighty years old is the optimal age--if you live past eighty, you will get diseases and die. Better to plan your death, have one last meal, say good-bye to your friends and family and go peacefully away.

In this society, the Officials have decided what songs are important, what poems are great, what texts to save, what works of art are worth saving, what history is important--there are no free-thinkers or creators.

Cassia is just sixteen and is waiting for her matching banquet, the day when she will see who it is she will be matched with and marry. She can't wait! It's a strange twist of fate when she sees her match--it is her childhood friend Xander--a boy she already knows and loves like a brother. It gets complicated when she sees another face on the screen. It's a mistake, of course. She is meant to be with Xander. But, what if that other boy is really the one she wants?

Fans of science fiction, dystopian fiction, and romance will like this novel. The reader will keep turning the page wondering what will Cassia choose? The ending leaves an opening for a second book and possibly a trilogy. 366 pages

Fast-paced, well-written and entertaining, Matched is a must-read.

Highly, highly recommended grade 7-up. No language, no sex.


Recommended by Pamela Thompson, MLIS, Library Media Specialist, Texas visit her ya novels blog at

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In Cassia's Society nothing is left to chance. The Society chooses your leisure activities, your spouse, your occupation and your place of residence. Cassia doesn't really mind because her life seemed to work out the way she would've wished. The day after her Match Banquet however everything changes. Cassia was Matched with her childhood friend Xander even though it is rare to be Matched with someone you know. But the next day when she goes to look at the information given to her about her Match she sees another boy's face. Ky also lives in her Borough and has an odd history. Cassia has never really thought much about him until now. A Society Official comes to explain that seeing Ky's face was just a mistake; but now Cassia can't help being fascinated by him.

Dystopian teen romance. Cool. I love dystopia but it always freaks me out a little because I can totally see our society going in that direction. This one is really good. We're given enough details to understand their Society but not so much that it seems completely abnormal. I really liked this book. Cassia has a librarian's mindset and the soul of a poet even if her Society doesn't have much use for poetry. No one in her society does much creating, only classifying, sorting or analyzing.

Recommended by Stephanie Lott, Librarian Texas Visit her blog at: ++++

In a future world, all decisions are made by the “Society”: where one lives, the kind of career you will have, the poems and stories you can read, the person you will marry and even when your life will end.The story opens at the matching ceremony for Cassia and her age-mates.She is thrilled to learn that her match is Xander, who is her best friend because most teens are matched with strangers.However, things start to go terribly wrong when she finds herself drawn to Ky, a newcomer to town who has a mysterious past.Cassia’s feelings for Ky threaten to turn her world upside down.Will she be able to stay true to herself and choose Xander, who is safe?Or will Cassia make a risky decision that could mean leaving her home and family?

Recommended by Deborah E. Cohen, Librarian, New Jersey


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This is a great read for children interested in stories about futuristic societies (e.g. The Hunger Games, The Giver, Feed.)

Recommended by: Kim Flugrath
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