Mars One


The first wave of colonists is headed to Mars.  Sixteen-year-old Tristan Hart has known for six years that he and his parents would be among them.  But it's only now that the reality is hitting Tristan that he is really going to get on that rocket and leave the love of his life, Izzy, and he will never return.  The colonists are expected to stay on Mars for the rest of their years.

For the past year, Tristan and Izzy, have been the focus of a reality television show that is paying them both millions of dollars.  Tris is banking all of his money. There won't be much shopping on Mars.  Izzy is going to use hers to pay for college.  Mars One, the name of Tris' mission, has given her the opportunity she had only dreamed of.

Tris speaks to the kids at his high school in the auditorium following the prescribed script NASA has provided for him.  He knows how to answer all the questions and the kids and faculty treat him like a rock star.  Hour by hour he and Izzy and his best friend, Herc, watch his time on Earth slip away and try to deal with having to say goodbye for real.

Then, the day arrives and it's ten, nine, eight....and blast off.  Tris has left Earth behind, left his friends and his love behind and left the social activists behind who have been trying to sabotage the mission, even resorting to violence.  As the ship heads to Mars, some unexpected news arrives and then one of the two ships on the mission starts to have some serious malfunctions.

One part reality television show and one part science fiction adventure.  Does everyone want to be heading to Mars?  Is someone sabotaging the Muninn?    The intrigue begins on the adventure of a lifetime.

429 pages         978-1481461610    Ages 12-16

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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