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Born:  November 20, 1938


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Marion Dane Bauer was born in 1938 in the small prairie town of Oglesby, Illinois, and had a childhood she would later describe as “idyllic.” The first work she distinctly remembers writing was a poem in honor of her teddy bear, but she wrote many stories, too, both in her head and on paper. Her interest led her to a career as an English teacher, but Bauer didn’t begin writing professionally until after her own daughter was in elementary school. Since then, as fans know and appreciate, she hasn’t stopped!

Bauer is a remarkably prolific author who has received critical acclaim for her ability to step inside the viewpoint of a child – any child or young adult, in a wide variety of circumstances. She has written fiction and nonfiction, picture books, chapter books, young adult novels, writing guides, and much more; she has also edited stories and articles for periodicals aimed at young people as well as teachers and librarians. Her best-selling novel On My Honor was named a Newbery Honor Book, one of countless awards and citations Bauer has received for her work over the years.

Marion Dane Bauer has mothered two children and a passel of foster children and exchange students. She is now a contented grandma and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.”—-from


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