Mallory: In Business With Mallory

Mallory:  In Business With Mallory

The Mallory series continues. This is a great series for girls who like to read about girls in various situations. It's a bit of what I call "social reading" just because Mallory is usually involved in some sort of personal or relationship issue. When nine year old Mallory's best friend gets a fabulous purse, Mallory decides she wants one too but instead of just going out and buying it for her, her parents tell her to earn the money to pay for it herself. Mallory tries a few ideas and finally opens a beauty salon with her pal. When she does earn enough money to buy the purse, she begins to struggle with what she should use the money for. After all her brother's birthday is coming and maybe she should be generous and spend her money on him instead of on herself. A great exploration of so many different feelings. If you're trying to wean a girl off of Junie B. Jones, this is a good place to start. Ages 7-10 155 pages

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