Magician's Hat

Magician's Hat

Super Bowl champion and literacy crusader Malcolm Mitchell presents the story of a magician who reveals an awe-inspiring treasure from his bag of tricks -- books that make every kid's dream come true!

This is not your typical afternoon at the library -- a magician invites kids to reach into his hat to pull out whatever they find when they dig down deep. Soon -- poof! -- each child comes away with something better than they could've imagined -- a book that helps them become whatever they want to be, and makes their dreams come true through pages and words, and the adventures that follow. But each child can't help but wonder, What's really making the magic happen?--from the publisher

32 pages    978-1338114546    Ages 4-8

Editor's note:  Author is a New England Patriots Wide Receiver


David, the Magician, loves to perform magic but his favorite trick is not pulling a rabbit out of a hat or finding quarters behind the ears of children. Instead, David knows the magical power of books, which can explore dreams and develop creativity.

Bring your imagination and look inside The Magician's Hat--from the publisher


It's Family Fun Day at the library and a magician has arrived to entertain the families.  He has brought his magical hat with him and he invites the children to come up one at a time.  "What do you want to be?" he asks them.  After sharing their dream, each child reaches deep into the hat and pulls out a book...and that book somehow magically is perfect for them.

But you know there is usually one in the crowd...the skeptic!  This one boy doesn't believe in the magic of the hat or in the magic of reading.  He challenges the magician, his hat, and story.

He doesn't realize it but he is up against centuries of storytellers and dare I say, librarians, who have crafted that special ability to match a story to a child.  Here is the book that explains it all..does our big reveal... because you know how amazing it is when you see into that "being" in front of you and you figure out his/her/their human puzzle, and you go get that book out of the magical hat and give it to its new rightful owner.

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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