Mac Slater vs. The City

Mac Slater vs. The City

Mac Slater hunts the cool; he’s a coolhunter. He even has the blog to prove it. We first met Mac in Mac Slater Hunts the Cool. Mac and his best friend Paul were recruited from their sleepy hometown of Kings Bay, Australia, to be coolhunters—“teens and twenty-somethings with their fingers on the pulse of the freshest, hottest ideas and innovations coming off the street.” Mac and Paul designed a flying bike in their dump of a shop in the hippie community where Mac lives with his mother in a bus. Once Speed and Tony recruited Mac and Paul, the guys began blogging and vlogging their way through the competitions designed to get them to the top of the coolhunter heap—and win a trip to New York City!

This newest adventure plops the guys, accompanied by Mac’s VERY unenthusiastic dad, right in the heart of NYC—just in time to attend the Imaginator Festival; that is, until they discover that tickets to the way cool event cost $750 each! But at the gates they stumble upon a girl who’s COOL. She is typing into her glove and has some kind of rollerball transport device. Her name is Melody and she gives them her Dawg Finder ID. Once they figure out what that is, and how to get in touch with her, they start finding the cool right and left.

The coolest is when Melody takes the boys to a secret invention community called “The Hive.” There, kids are working on all kinds of crazy cool inventions. Melody makes Mac swear that he will not divulge the location of The Hive or leak out information about anything he sees there—including the coolest device of all: Perpetual. Paul isn’t comfortable with the competitiveness of Coolhunters and what it’s doing to Mac, but Mac keeps finding ways to rationalize what he’s doing because Speed and Tony are dangling another prize before the hunters’ eyes: a trip to Shanghai for whoever posts the cool that racks up the most hits on the Coolhunters website.

How low will Mac go? Will Melody ever speak to him again? Will Paul still be Mac’s friend? Will the leader of the inventors of The Hive, Joe Gatt, let Mac walk away from what he’s seen? This second installment of what looks like a series steps up the pace and keeps it rolling. At times silly, ridiculous, and laugh-out-loud funny in a guy-humor way, this new title is a terrific read for guys and girls, especially those who dream, create, invent, and are tekkie. You’ll want to read the books so you can watch the relationships build and be tested as the hunt for the cool continues!

Recommended by Shari Shaw, B.A., M.L.I.S., Michigan

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