Louise the Big Cheese and the La-Di-Da Shoes

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Louise the Big Cheese and the La-Di-Da Shoes

Louise Cheese is a girl who dreams big. More than anything she wants to look like a big cheese. Her parents are the kind of people who don't care how they look so they don't share her "vision" and in this case her "vision" is focused on shoes. She wants some of those really special black patent leather shoes with sparkles on the toes. If you are a shoe person, you'll recognize the "knock offs" on the shelves of the shoe store where Louise goes to shop: Jimmy Chews, Steward Wartman, or perhaps Cocoa Chanil? But, Mom is over there looking at the Goody-Two Shoes in the same section as the Blister B-Gone shoes. Woe is Louise. She leaves wearing an awful pair of brown shoes that even squeak when she walks. Her dreams are temporarily shattered and things only get worse when her good friend, Fern, shows up in a beeeeyooootifullll pair of shoes. Yes, these are the shoes of Louise's big dreams and the friendship is going to suffer because of it. The tension between the two young ladies is palpable as they say. The looks could kill. Diane Goode's detailed illustrations match the ambitious energy of Elise Primavera's chi-chi characters. Louise's dog provides humorous asides and wisdom. Due out on Feb. 23, 2010

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