Long Journey Home: Stories From Black History

Long Journey Home: Stories From Black History

The stories of six slaves are collected here with real events and real people woven together in a story tapestry by Julius Lester. Meet Rambler, a runaway slave, who walks the countryside with a guitar slung over his shoulder and Louis who fled his plantation to save his life and his dignity. Then, there is Ben who was "privileged" and got some "learnin'" from his master and Bob who was freed and had an uncanny ability with horses. The story of a couple, Jake and Mandy, separated by slavery and eventually even by freedom, reaches your heart with its harsh reality. And last of all are the slaves who chose not to suffer the inhumanity of their position and instead chose to take "the long journey home." The stories take us back in time where we walk alongside these courageous souls, feeling their oppression, their burdens and their search for a home on this Earth.

150 pages 978-0140389814 Ages 12 and up

Recommended by: Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


Meet Rambler, a runaway slave roaming the countryside with a guitar, who knows the only way to stay free is to keep moving. Louis is another runaway, fleeing the plantation where he was raised, because he is about to be sold. And Jake and Mandy's marriage is damaged by slavery—and destroyed by freedom. Here is the African-American experience, brought alive by a master storyteller.---from the publisher

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