Little Things


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Peter Pauper Press March 2019
Character-Building Curriculum

The little things are waiting to be noticed.... by you.  When you walk outside your house at night, do you look up?  Do you see the birds and beasts that are all around you?  Better yet, would you notice if someone had a sad face?

In this lovely adventure into the world of little things, a young girl has the gift of seeing.  She doesn't miss the little things in her pockets or in the trees in her yard or even the ones in her cereal bowl.  She has figured out a very important and very smart secret.  That secret is something you can know, too.

So, turn the pages and learn from her how to look at the world around you and then hop out your front door and see what you can discover that you never noticed before.  Watch your world turn into a spectacular place filled with all kind of wonder.

This is a special book about the big difference one person can make. It celebrates the gifted children among us who notice and appreciate and understand the things that matter in the world around us... no matter how small.

32 pages       978-1441328595          Ages 3-7

Keywords: seeing, noticing, observing, nature, small things, size, helping others, kindness, compassion, values, making a difference

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


A child notices everyday small things from footprints to flowers, from berries to birds. And what may seem like a small act to one, may be a lifesaving act to another -- proving that even the littlest things in the world may have the biggest impact.--from the publisher

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