Little Mouse Gets Ready

Little Mouse Gets Ready

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Toon Book, 2009

Billed as"a first comic for brand-new readers," this young offering from Jeff Smith, author of the Bone books, gives us an eager young mouse whose mother has just told him to get ready to go to the barn. All by himself this little guy lays out the clothes he'll need. This is a formidable task beginning with the underpants, tag in the back thank you very much. There are seven frames dedicated to the underwear with special attention paid to the tail hole. Item by item he valiantly dresses until the last shoe lace is tied and he hears his mother's voice. Yes, he is ready. But wait, it turns out mice don't wear clothes. Happily, this is one task he'll never have to tackle again. Muted colors and no cutesy stuff keep the focus on the intensity of the action of dressing. Ages 5-8 32 pages


"Underpants are easy to put on...Just be sure to get your tail in the tail hole!" Have I got your attention? This is a darling easy reader about a mouse who is getting ready to go to the barn where all the fun stuff happens. As he dons his garb, he's talking us through the whole process. "The shirt is last...sometimes it's hard to get my arm in the sleeve." Now who doesn't feel that way? And the buttons, well there IS a challenge. Then, after all that, Mama Mouse shows up and says, "What are you doing?" I won't ruin the punch line but kids will giggle with delight. This is a great first reader for those kids who are a big wiggly and not so sure about this whole book thing.

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