Little Cloud

Little Cloud

Clouds are drifting across the sky... big clouds and one little cloud.  As the other clouds drift away, little cloud starts to explore and adventure and play.  He turns into a big cloud and he turns into a rabbit and he turns into two trees.  He is utterly exploring becoming all of these different shapes.  Eventually, the other clouds drift back, he rejoins and nature exhibits some of its magic...rain.

This is a wonderful story to share as an introduction to weather and science and different types of clouds.  It's also a wonderful story to share if you are able to invite your child outside to watch the clouds for herself.  

In storytime we have the children stand like a tree, become a shark, wave in the breeze, and imagine what they would change into if they were a cloud.  Think of what you can become!!!

Great for stretching the imagination and connecting creativity to science.

Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barb

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