Little Bird

Little Bird

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Enchanted Lion Books March 2012

Every now and then... actually not that often, I come upon a book that brings tears to my eyes and makes me realize I am seeing that level of excellence that I yearn for.

  Last night at the library, my colleague, Diane Leonard, School Librarian Extraordinaire, handed me this book. She'd gone through all the new books on the shelf in the back room and this one she deemed worthy. I am so thrilled that she shared it with me so I can in turn share it with you.

  This book won the 2011 Prix Sorcieres (the French Caldecott)

  Prepare yourself. This little book does not beckon. It just hums quietly with a small, red, angular truck and a quirky man in blue overalls simply sketched as the cover. But give it time because you're about to open wide and say Wow! We begin with a ribbon of aqua sky and a huge expanse of uninhabited, maize colored space with road gently curving through. What goes on here? Ah, a small red truck motors in to view. Curiosity bubbles up. It gets closer and closer until it arrives at the edge of a cliff with the narrator's voice beginning the story, "Some days are different." Ah, that intrigues, doesn't it?

  The genius, the absolute genius, of this little book is its ability to deliver a HUGE message and an enormous connection TO THE UNIVERSE with the most sparing text and illustration. Not that it's empty...nope.

  This is a simple story about the power of one little moment, one little choice, one little easily overlooked possbility and how it can give birth to an absolute life altering wonder.... have I got your attention? **This is a book you will want to own and give as a gift. Don't miss it.

Ages 7-107 66 pages 978-1592701186 Recommended by: Barb

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