Listen to Our World


Look out your window.  What do you see?  Maybe it's a city street with neon signs blinking and taxis honking.   Maybe you see a field with tall corn plants blowing in the breeze.  Maybe there are rows and rows of houses and driveways just like yours and you hear lawnmowers mowing and cars whooshing by.

But, if you look even harder, you'll see that you belong to another world---an even bigger world.  You belong to the jungles and the oceans and the bamboo forests.  You belong to a world filled with animals.  Your ears were made to hear a Grrrrr, a SNAP, a Weeee-aaaaa!

Vibrant, rich colors celebrate the different habitats and creatures of our planet.  This is a magical, stupendous place filled with amazing animals for us to honor and remember.  "Can you hear the sounds of our world?"   Can you discover the beasts Mother Earth has to share?

The safety and security of the light in your window, the quilt on your bed and the Mommy who loves you will always be there for you...will always be your special place... where all of your adventures will begin and end.

40 pages    978-1442454729       Ages 3-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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