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Bea is ten years old and is a mature fifth grader.
This is a chronicle of her reflectios of her past and evolving current situation.

In her short past she has some regrets. Well, don’t we all! The birthday party where she played musical chairs and when no chair was a available when the music stopped, she pushed her best friend off a chair so not to lose. Her friend forgave her, but his mother still holds a grudge over it.

When she was eight, her mother and father called her in for a meeting and she found out they were getting a divorce. Bea also learns that her dad is gay.

Divorce changes Bea's life as it does for everyone. She now alternates her life between two different houses depending on which day it is. She finds out she is getting a sister. She goes to therapy to talk about how it's going.

Bea is actually navigating her life pretty well. Her parents gave her a journal to keep a list of things in her life that will not change.

1. Mom loves you more than anything, always.

2. Dad loves you more than anything, always.

3. Mom and dad love each other, but in a different way.

4. You will always have a home with each of us.

The list goes on and amazingly the parents completely uphold the list. Does that ever really happen in divorces? It is my hope, but not my experience.

This story, while not a thrilling one, is compelling as you experience the ups and downs of Bea's new life with two dads, a reluctant new sister and a hostile uncle.

I found this book to be deeply touching, and warmly reassuring as we all must open our eyes and hearts to the differences in people.

The book poses some some tough questions for our 21st century children and is respectful of the complexity of life and the wonder of the gifts we all are given but don’t always take advantage of.

This is an excellent addition to the LBTQ collection. It might be a controversial addition in some settings.

Fiction, ages 8 - 12
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