Liberty (Dogs of War World War II)


Fish is working on his latest invention when that girl from next door, Olympia, comes over. Every time she shows up she messes up something. Fish has enough struggle in his life. A few years ago he came down with polio and had to spend time in the hospital. Now he has one good leg and one bum leg but he is determined to make that bum leg longer and stronger before his Pop comes back from serving in the war.

The invention he's trying to figure out is a trap that could be used to catch the rabbit that's mowing its way through the garden next door. But Fish wants to use it to catch the stray dog he saw being chased by a neighbor throwing rocks. He's already named her Liberty and she already means the world to him.

Set in the middle of World War II this story is sprinkled with families with soldiers and sailors fighting overseas and an essential local boat factory that is possibly going to win the war. It also takes on a hint of the discrimination against blacks in New Orleans at this time in American history.

The story is told from two points of view; the point of view of Fish who is trying to overcome his physical challenge and the point of view of a seventeen-year-old German soldier who is captured while fighting for the Germans in Africa and is sent back to the United States as a prisoner of war.

These two paths will cross and create a very special set of circumstances for both of these warriors.

978-0545840712 Ages 8-12 221 pages

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Recommended by: Barb Langridge,

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