Letters From The Corrugated Castle

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Letters From The Corrugated Castle

For nine years, Eldora, age 13, has lived with the couple she calls Aunt and Uncle. (Her mother, she believes, died when she was small.) Now, in 1850, the trio has joined the throngs settling in San Francisco during the California Gold Rush. Barely a month after their arrival, a letter arrives from a woman claiming to be Eldora's mother. A visit is arranged, but before it takes place there is much to occupy Eldora. Life in the booming city of San Francisco is nothing like serene New Bedford, Massachusetts. Eldora meets and begins teaching English to a Mexican brother and sister, and learning Spanish from them. A friendship with Luke, a boy a year older than herself, opens up for Eldora the rough, exciting, and frequently dangerous atmosphere of the mining camps. This epistolary novel—comprised of letters from Eldora to a friend back in Massachusetts, Luke to Eldora, and Aunt to Eldora, among others, with articles written by Luke's journalist father interspersed throughout--paints a believable portrait of one girl's journey of self-discovery and search for a place to belong against the backdrop of a thrilling period of American history. Sequel to A Gathering of Days.Recommended for ages 12-14. 310 pp.
Recommended by Basya Karp, Librarian.

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