Lawn to Lawn

Lawn to Lawn

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Alfred A. Knopf, 2010
Good for Reluctant Readers?
Character-Building Curriculum

Ready to go off on a wild adventure? Want to go with your lawn ornaments? We're talking the pink flamingo, the garden gnome, a deer and of course, the jockey. Little Pearl, a human girl, is moving to a new home. But when the moving van pulls away, the lawn ornaments have been left behind. But not for long. This is a plucky group. They're going to set off for the Ritzy Estates taking care to freeze in position when necessary because, "Some people didn't love lawn ornaments the way Pearl did." Now, gnomes aren't great with maps and they have to keep an eye out for the "dreaded trash truck" and they get chased by gargoyles, but they are not to be denied their Pearl. There is a moment of deep despair when they fear all is lost. But, lo, the trash truck doth arrive and once they're tossed into the back and giving up hope entirely, they find themselves being delivered straight into the arms of their beloved Pearl through the gates of the Ritzy Estates. "And Jack, Betty, Flo , and even Norm knew the journey had been worth it."

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