Last Apprentice: Wrath of the Bloodeye

Last Apprentice:  Wrath of the Bloodeye

With the Fiend on the loose, Tom needs to sharpen his wits and his skills if he is to survive... let alone defeat the forces against him. To that end, Mr. Gregory send Tom out to be apprenticed temporarily by another Spook, Bill Arkwright. Arkwright is a former student of Gregory's but his methods differ drastically. When the two must join forces to battle an ancient water witch named Morwena who also happens to be a daughter of the infamous Fiend. Tom must pool everything he has learned from both masters to defeat her. But the battle also brings unexpected allies, as the witch assassin Grimalkin joins their cause. Can their combined skill prove any match for Old Nick and his blood-eyed daughter? And what terrible price will they all pay for their victory? Wrath of the Bloodeye is another action packed look into the nature of good and evil and the makings of a great hero.

Submitted by J.R.S.

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