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Last Apprentice: Attack of the Fiend

Last Apprentice:  Attack of the Fiend

Tom Ward has been an apprentice spook for over a year now and in that time he has battled against seemingly insurmountable odds to defeat the forces of the dark. But when an old apprentice-turned-priest of Mr. Gregory's arrives at the house in Chipenden, that can only mean one thing: Forces of evil are rising once again and its up to them to stop it. Add to that that Tom's brother, Jack and his family are found missing from the farm in what appears to be an attack by witches and this battle becomes very personal. There's something dangerous going on in Pendle. The Mouldheels, the Deanes and the Malkins have joined forces and no good can come of it. The three warring witch clans are going to try and raise the Fiend... the mystical personification of the dark. Nicknamed "Old Nick" by the witches, the Fiend has a few deadly tricks up his sleeve and an invitation for Tom. Will the young apprentice be able to stand up against the dark lord? Will Alice be able to resist the pull of family... even when that family is up to no good? Can they all escape the clutches of the witch assassin, Grimalkin and her blood thirsty knives? And what secrets lay in Mam's stolen trunks? For those who have outgrown Harry Potter, The Last Apprentice: Attack of the Fiend is a darker look into the battle between good and evil.

Submitted by J.R.S.

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