Lady Hahn and Her Seven Friends


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Henry Holt and Company 2012
Character-Building Curriculum

Once upon a time and a long time ago back when tigers still smoked pipes, there was a seamstress named Lady Hahn who had seven good, good friends.  She needed each of her friends to help her do her job sewing skirts and shirts.  

It was a wonderful team until one day everything changed.  Each of the friends had decided she was the mort important helper of all.  Lady Hahn could not believe her eats as she listened to them talk about themselves, each seeing only her own job.  Not one of her friends was appreciating Lady Hahn. Not one of her friends was appreciating each other.

What would happen to the team?  Would anyone see what the others gave to help do the job?  Would Lady Hahn ever be able to sew another skirt or a shirt?

  978-0805041279  Ages  5-9   32 pages

Keyword:  vanity, sewing

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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