Kung Pow Chicken, Book 1: : Let's Get Cracking! (A Branches Book)


"Enter the chicken."  It's important to meet your main character i.e. hero at the beginning of any series of books but especially the ones about superheroes.  So, meet Gordon Blue, second grader.  Standing in his bedroom we find him posing for his introduction picture with its neat labels explaining to us and focusing us on the important objects and body parts.  These include in no particular order his wing, wattle, school tie, bunny slippers, supersonic rocket, drum sticks (not what you are thinking) and superhero poster.

Gordon is in the second grade at an "ordinary" school in the city of Fowladelphia.  But what might look ordinary from the outside might be extraordinary on the inside and Gordon is a prime, choicely feathered example of this...Gordon has a secret.  The secret is known only to his Uncle Quack, he of the science lab and perpetrator of science experiments.  

Get really close so I can whisper in your ear....Gordon has superpowers as a result of a tumble into some toxic sludge and he has become...duh duh dunnnn.... Kung Pow Chicken complete with side kick Egg Drop.

The world needs this chicken who is dedicated to being Super...Super Nice, Super Good and Super Tidy.   On a school trip to the Fowl Fall Festival, Gordon's Birdy Senses begin to tingle.  Something is not shipshape here.  Something has gone fowl.  Something is wrong.  

Will Kung Pow Chicken and Egg Drop find the bad guys?  Will they save the day?

Delightful, tempered action with occasional scrambled humor and some sunny side up fun.

Perfect for boys and girls who are getting the hang of the reading thing and are now beginning to survey the landscape for something they WANT to read for fun and entertainment.  Something that feels SUPER to them!

Editor's Note:  This is part of the Branches early chapter book series published by Scholastic.  Four books in the series:  

#2  Kung Pow Chicken:  Bok! Bok! Doom!

#3 Kung Pow Chicken: The Birdy Snatchers

#4 Kung Pow Chicken: Heroes on the Side

Ages 5-8    74 pages  (short bursts of text)   978-0545610629

Recommended by  Barb

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(Updated: April 23, 2020)
it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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(Updated: June 15, 2017)
My kids LOVE this one. A great tongue-in-cheek spoof full of poultry-packed superhero action.
Top 10 Reviewer 7 reviews
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