Kit the Wizard Dragon in the Library (The Dragon in the Library)

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What do you get when you combine three friends on the first day of summer vacation with a library, an unusual librarian, and a bit too much curiosity? In this case you get a story about Kit, a kid who hates to read and thinks the library is "bluuuuuurrrgh." When Kit is talked into going to the library by her friends who want to grab the new book in the Danny Fandango series (imagine something with Harry Potter level popularity), she winds up someplace she shouldn't be and discovers that she is a young wizard. Although wizard training is usually not started until a wizard's powers appear at age eighteen, obviously Kit is a special case. Between trying to learn to control her newly acquired powers and enjoy her summer vacation with her friends, Kit also wants to save the local library from being turned into a shopping center. Not that she likes books herself, but her friends love them, and she does want to finish her wizard training with Faith, the head librarian. Can the three friends and Faith find a way to stop the evil Hadrian Salt from taking possession of the library?
Full of humor, magical mishaps, the friendship of the kids, and descriptions of how magic can let wizards use books as portals (aren't we lucky that they do that for all readers?), this is the first in the Kit the Wizard series. Book 3 of the series is due out January 14, so hurry and read the first two books so you will be ready for the next adventure.
A great middle grade series for kids who enjoy fantasy.
208 pages                        978-1536214932                       Ages 7-10
Recommended by:  Suzanne Costner, Librarian, Tennessee USA
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In a fast-paced and funny adventure, Kit must use the magic of books to save the library—and its resident dragon—from a power-hungry tycoon.

Kit Spencer can’t stand reading. She’d rather be outside playing and getting muddy than stuck inside with a book. But when her best friends, Josh and Alita, drag her to the local library, Kit makes an incredible discovery: she’s a wizard—and books are the key to her abilities. Unfortunately, a greedy businessman wants to tear down the beloved library, destroying all its magic. To make matters worse, there’s a sleeping dragon hidden there, and if she’s awakened, her wild power will wreak havoc. With the help of a friendly dragon-dog hybrid named Dogon, Kit and her companions will have to find a way to save the dragon in the library—and maybe the world! A humorous romp full of library enchantment, with a diverse cast of characters and dynamic illustrations.---from the publisher

Keywords:  dragon, friends, friendship, library, fun, adventure, magic, wizard, 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, part of a series

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