Kipper's Monster

Kipper's Monster

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Harcourt Red Wagon Books 2002

Tiger has a brand new flashlight that is soooo cool! He and Kipper get under the blanket and Kipper starts to read a scary book about a "horrible, horrendous, terrible..."...  That gives the two friends a great idea. They'll camp out in the woods tonight with the flashlight and the book for some really exciting fun. So the daring duo heads out into the woods with their tent and get settled in to hear the story.

Then, they start to hear things other than the story. Things outside the tent. The suspense builds. Scary sounds and scary shadows appear. Is there a monster out there? Carefully Kipper checks out the screeching sound and the shadow that looks like a horned creature coming a bit too close.

Great for kids who like to feel scared for a minute or two. Ages 3-5

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