Killer Whales (Animal Predators)


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Carolrhoda Books 2004
Science Curriculum

Some of the fiercest and most skilled hunters in the world, killer whales use teamwork and a strong sense of hearing and sight to track and kill their prey. Watch these huge animals as they grow from small pups into full-grown whales honing the instincts and skills they will need to become resourceful predators.--from the publisher


What is a predator?  Most children know that killer whales are hunters and this book offers them important information on how these survivors are develop, learn to hunt, learn to work together through communication and even more fun, what makes them so powerful and efficient in as they lurk in the oceans.  Follow a killer whale from her birth to her first successful hunt.  This powerfully illustrated story offers the balance of orcas as babies needing their mothers for nursing and fully grown orcas who have the speed and agility to snatch an unsuspecting seal.

39 pages     978-1575057286     Ages  8-12

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


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