Killer Pizza

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Killer Pizza

“I have good news, Toby. We’d like you to wear Killer Pizza’s distinctive black T-shirt with the red logo known around the world….I want you to become Killer Pizza MCOs.” (Monster Combat Officers) Toby Magill is a loner with dreams of becoming a famous chef, like on the Food Channel. One day he gets a call asking him if he would like to wear the distinctive t-shirt of Killer Pizza, a new pizza place in town. Toby thinks this might be a great summer job, until he learns that Killer Pizza is a front for an elite monster-hunting group, and he could be a new recruit. This book may start out a little slow, but once the reader and Toby realize what’s going on at Killer Pizza they won’t be able to wait until they get to the next page and find out where the action takes them. This will be a hit with those readers who enjoy a heart-racing read.

Recommended by Alice Cyphers, Librarian, Pennsylvania USA

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