Just Plain Fancy

Just Plain Fancy

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Dragonfly Books 1990 (Random House)
Character-Building Curriculum

Let your light shine is the beautiful and heartfelt moral of this simple story set in the Amish country.

Two young girls are searching the henhouse for eggs one day when the discover an egg that is very different from all the others.  Knowingly they tuck it in the nest of Henny so it will be cared for and eventually they'll be able to see hatch.

As the days pass, the girls talk about the importance of being plain in their community and there is a bit of wishing for something fancy to come into their lives.  Then they overhear a conversation among the older folk about a girl who was just too fancy and now will be shunned by the entire community.  Shunned seems such a confusing concept for the girls.  What could they do to be shunned?  What would it be like to be shunned?

Happily the little egg hatches and something fancy has indeed landed in their world.  This little fellow is quite different and clearly very special.  The girls delight in the fanciness until the day their new friend does something that frightens them.  Is he too fancy?  

Reassuring, enlightening and inspiring this visit to the world of the Amish ends with joy and wonder at the glory of the "fancy things" in our world.

Use the title page illustrations for prediction.

32 pages  978-0440409373  Ages  6-10

Recommended by:  Barb

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