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  • Juliet Dove, Queen of Love (A Magic Shop Book)

Juliet Dove, Queen of Love (A Magic Shop Book)

Juliet Dove, Queen of Love  (A Magic Shop Book)

Juliet Dove is very shy. She feels so small most of the time that her feelings come flying out in a big way when she feels attacked, thereby earning her the nickname, "Killer." Then the day comes when Juliet walks into a shop - a strange little shop inhabited by a strange woman who gives Juliet an amulet. From that moment on life is just not the same. Imagine having ALL of the boys wanting to stare at you, wanting to talk to you, wanting to wait outside of your house. If that isn't enough, imagine finding two talking rats under your bed and then walking by mistake into a magical world. What is a girl to do?


This book has everything in it to keep you turning the pages! It's full of interesting characters that many of you will relate to and care about. Some of these characters are from Egyptian mythology. The main character is Juliet. She is a 12 years old sixth grader whose life is turned upside down when she is given an amulet necklace in a magic shop that she is unable to take off. This amulet has put a spell on Juliet which causes all the boys to fall madly in love with her. In order to break the spell she has to find 3 things: the amulet's key, a mouse that roars and a mother's touch. Thankfully, she has lots of help, especially from two humorous and magical rats with wings! However time is runnying out and Eris, the Goddess of discord (quarrels), is threatening to break up her family if she doesn't do her bidding. Where on earth will they found a mouse that roars? Will Juliet always be surrounded by boys who love and adore her? Who is imprisoned in the amulet that keeps talking to her? Ages 8-12 205 pages

Recommended by A.J. Smith Elementary School

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