Jimmy, the Pickpocket of the Palace (Prince of the Pond Series #2)

Jimmy, the Pickpocket of the Palace (Prince of the Pond Series #2)

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Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated, 1995

In The Prince of the Pond, Otherwise Known as the Fawg Pin, the prince was turned into a frog, had to learn to become a frog, had a family as a frog, and returned to human princehood. Now, what happens if one of his frog sons (fawgs) decides he must enter the human world to save his pond from the same witch hag who bewitched his father the fawg pin, I mean frog prince. As awkwardly funny as it was to watch the prince become a frog, it is equally as hilarious to follow Jimmy as he goes from fawg¸ the special designation for the prince’s amphibian offspring, to boy and try to negotiate the human world.

Jimmy, readers will remember from The Frog Prince, is the fawg “born bold” as his mother Jade says. He is the one most like his father Pin. When he and the rest of the pond is threatened by the hag, he must leap to the rescue and find the magical ring, which the Prince now has in his possession. So begins Jimmy’s adventures in the human world.

Introduced into the human world is Princess Sally, equal parts spunk and conniving energy. Her older sister Marissa is engaged to marry the Prince (Who is really Jimmy’s father Pin from when he was a frog – got it?) in two days. And there is Gracie, a frog who wants to be a fawg. Gracie is Jimmy’s best friend in the pond who follows him everywhere, so she naturally follows him into the palace as he tries to recover the ring.

176 pages

ISBN: 9780525453574

Recommended by: Katherine Stehman, Elementary Librarian, Pennsylvania, USA

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(Updated: February 08, 2013)
I read this book several years ago, with my granddaughter. It is a worthy sequel to The Prince of the Pond, Otherwise Known as the Fawg Pin. Jimmy is very endearing, and his attempts to pass as human are hilarious and touching. Give this book to children who like their fantasy on the light side.
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