Jim Benton

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His biography:  http://www.jimbenton.com/page31/page24/page22/page22.html

Jim Benton is a New York Times bestselling author and the creator of many licensed properties, including It’s Happy Bunny. He’s created a kids’ TV series, designed clothing, and written books, such as Franny K. Stein and the bestselling Dear Dumb Diary series.Jim lives in Michigan with his spectacular wife and kids.—from Scholastic.com/teachers/authors


Books by Jim Benton:  See al:    http://www.jimbenton.com/books/

Catwad series  http://www.jimbenton.com/books/catwad/

Dear Dumb Diary series  http://www.jimbenton.com/books/deardumbdiary/

Franny K. Stein series  http://www.jimbenton.com/books/frannykstein/

It’s Happy Bunny series  http://www.jimbenton.com/page1/page6/page6.html

Books by Jim Benton:
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