Jerdine Nolen

Jerdine Nolen

Born: April 6, 1953

Meet Jerdine Nolen:

I was born in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, and raised in Chicago, Illinois, along with five sisters and two brothers. My siblings and I had a lot of fun, and we had a lot of fun together. Growing up in a large family you always have someone to play with. You could always get a good softball game going. Or, Red Rover, which was one of my favorites. We also loved going on exploring expeditions around our home. Even then, I had a wild imagination.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing and collecting words. My Mother encouraged me to do that. She was eager to hear my new list of “favorite words.” Cucumber was a word I preferred above the rest. Then, one day, I became smitten with the word chutney. “Chutney, chutney, chutney.” I would chant that one over and over again. I even made up a little chutney dance to go along with the chant..... see more at


Books by Jerdine Nolen:

Picture Books:

Freedom Bird

Layla the Last Black Unicorn

On Her Wings: The Story of Toni Morrison

Thunder Rose

Balloon Farm

Big Jabe

Hewitt Anderson's Life


Plantzilla Goes to Camp

Lauren McGill's Pickle Museum

In My Mamma's Kitchen

Irene's Wish

Pitching in for Eubie

Raising Dragons

Christmas in the Time of Billy Lee

Middle Grade:

Calico Girl

Eliza's Freedom Road


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