Jake, Reinvented


On Friday night, as Jake walks through his party, the girls are all watching and waiting and the guys are slapping and greeting. Jake has that indefinable quality that makes him popular and powerful. Who is Jake and how does someone get to be the "star?"

Recommended by: Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


There is a mysterious new student at F. Scott Fitzgerald High. Jake Garrett looks like he's stepped out of a J. Crew ad, he's the best long-snapper the football team has ever had, and he hosts the party every Friday night.

All the guys want to be like him, and all the girls want to date him, but Jake only has eyes for Didi, the girlfriend of quarterback Todd Buckley.

Rick Paradis, kicker and back-up QB, tries to stay out of the drama, but that's easier said than done at Fitzgerald High, especially once he gets to know Jake. But it turns out nobody knows the real Jake, and when his secret comes out, his perfectly crafted world might come tumbling down.

In this modernization of The Great Gatsby, beloved author Gordon Korman provides a new look at age-old truths about the desire for popularity and acceptance, and the darker side of human nature.--from the publisher

192 pages 978-1484798423 Ages 14 and up

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