Jack's Path of Courage

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Jack's Path of Courage

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, JFK, is a name that echoes from the past with power and promise. This is a picture book biography of his early life and the path he followed that eventually led him to the presidency and his assassination. JFK, or Jack as he was called, grew up in the shadow of his older brother, Joe. Jack was not a great student or as great an athlete as his brother but he was an amazing swimmer and a man of vision. His senior thesis in college became a book, WHY ENGLAND SLEPT, and the book's success brought him into the public eye. World War II gave him the chance to serve his country and to show incredible courage when his PT boat was attacked by the Japanese. When Joe was killed in World War II, Jack's father directed him to enter politics. Jack began with a run for Congress and then onto the Senate and eventually was elected president despite being a Catholic. A sense of the man emerges from the life story and from the poignant illustrations each of which seems to hold a foreshadowing of the early end to this man's challenging life. This is a great way to explain the heroism and the courage of this president to this generation of our children. 48 pages

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