Inkheart, Book 1: Inkheart

Inkheart, Book 1:  Inkheart

Cornelia Funke writes adventure and suspense fantasy with creative twists. They're great for kids who want some magical thinking but nothing too deep. If your family read The Ink Drinker and liked it, or The Great Good Thing, you'll have a lot of fun with this one too. Meggie's father, Mo, has an amazing ability: when he reads a book aloud, he makes the characters come alive. Some characters are so evil that you really don't want them to come alive! This book is filled with suspense and adventure as one character decides he wants to use Mo's talents for his own purposes. Inkspell follows, and Inkdeath is the third book in the trilogy.

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I just have to say it: I absolutely, positively got nothing from this series. I quit reading in the middle of Inkspell because I got bored and felt absolutely no pull to pick any of the books up again. I had the exact same problem with another one of her books (something to do with a dragon and an elf?) which was so unoriginal it bore me to tears. This, while more original, just still lacked something. I can't honestly say what.

Now, I'm not saying I didn't enjoy this book. I did . . . mostly. I've seen and loved the movie, and I liked seeing things fleshed out and explained more. No, my problem was just that it didn't hold me. Maybe it's not quite as clean as I'm used to my books being. Maybe it wasn't believable enough. Or maybe I'm just too picky. I read this one and liked it well enough, but it was nothing special or out of the ordinary, and while the idea is interesting I'm just never going to be one of those people I talk to whose whole face lights up when I mention the series. I simply don't like her writing, and I'm not recommending it to anybody.
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