Inkblot: Drip, Splat and Squish Your Way to Creativity

Inkblot: Drip, Splat and Squish Your Way to Creativity

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Boyds Mill Press, 2011

I am reasonably sure you’ve never seen a book like this. Nowadays, inkblots aren’t really that much a part of our everyday lives. Our pens are drip free, we seldom use inkwells or pens with nibs (what are those???) and when we’re painting, we’re usually trying to avoid inkblots. So, this book could really change your life, change your practice of art, and open up your imagination in a completely new direction.

Author Margaret Peot is a book artist, printmaker, and painter, so she knows all about inkblots. In fact, she CREATES them ON  PURPOSE!!! In this eye-opening book, you’ll meet famous people from history who looked for messages in inkblots, people like Hermann Rorschach (ever hear of the Rorschach test?) and Victor Hugo who used inkblots as springboards to creativity. You’ll find out what supplies are needed to create fabulous inkblot images; how to fold paper in various ways to mirror-image inkblot designs; what kinds of paper work the best; and how to add to inkblots to bring out what you see in them. Both the positive and negative parts of an inkblot can turn into amazing creatures—fairies, birds, monsters, people, objects from nature, absolutely anything can be found in an inkblot, and you’ll find out that they’re tricky: sometimes many people see the same image when shown an inkblot, but sometimes inkblots only reveal their inner meanings to one person. That person could be you!

Rarely has this reviewer been so excited about a new art book. Many of us already enjoy the Ed Emberley art books or have experimented with origami or kirigami, but this amazing book adds another layer of dimension and possibility to some of the art or craft ideas most of us have already explored. Jackson Pollack, step aside!

Recommended by Shari Shaw, Librarian, Michigan, USA

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Hi Barb and Shari--I LOVED your review of my book! Thank you very much! This was a fun review to forward to my editor at Boyds Mills Press--gave us such a lift. We are very proud of Inkblot, and are thrilled when others are bit by the inkblot bug.

Thanks--Margaret Peot

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