Inheritance, Book 1: Eragon

Inheritance, Book 1:  Eragon

Fifteen-year-old Eragon believes that he is merely a poor farm boy-until his destiny as a Dragon Rider is revealed. Gifted with only an ancient sword, a loyal dragon, and sage advice from an old storyteller, Eragon is soon swept into a dangerous tapestry of magic, glory, and power. Now his choices could save-or destroy-the Empire.

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While Paolini obviously borrows certain aspects of his fantasy universe wholesale from Tolkien—elves and dwarves are almost public domain at this point—Eragon is no mere imitation, but a wholly creative and original work. The depth of the world, the nature of magic, and the believability of its characters all help Eragon to stand out as a shining example of fantasy done right. I was continually impressed how the story seldom went in a predictable direction, but never felt forced or contrived. So if you like fantasy and want something new, look no further than Eragon.
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This book is my all time favriote book it has so many twits and is full of adventere and you never know what will happen next. I also like how they picked a kid not an adult and the name of his dragon is uniqe.
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