Imaginary Girls

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Imaginary Girls

After experiencing a traumatic event on the town reservoir involving a late night swimming session and a dead body of a classmate, Chloe finds herself dealing with intense feelings of shock and distress. Before the incident, Chloe lived with her distant alcoholic mother and older sister Ruby who took on most of the parental responsibility. Chloe idolized Ruby and she wasn’t the only one. Ruby had a magnetism that made the entire town eager to do whatever she requested. Chloe was content to be raised by her older sister until the reservoir incident drove her to live in Pennsylvania with her step-dad. Ruby is desperate to get Chloe back, and it seems she will stop at nothing to do so. While Chloe is trying to forget about the memory of the dead girl, she also begins to uncover secrets that Ruby has been hiding from her. All that Chloe remembers from that night on the lake may not be the entire truth. This mystical tale of sisterhood and secrets will keep you guessing until the end.

Recommended by Carrie Shaurette, Librarian

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