I'm Gonna Climb a Mountain in My Patent Leather Shoes


"Sadie is all set for her family’s rustic camping trip—she’s packed her favorite patent leather shoes, ballerina skirt, and other stylish accessories in her sparkly suitcase—everything a girl needs in order to have an adventure! Especially when she thinks Bigfoot is on the loose. Along with her brother, Sadie searches for clues, crawls through a cave, swims down a river, and climbs a mountain. Will she be able to catch the mysterious monster with her lasso of pearls and magic gold wand? Sadie proves that girly girls can get their hands dirty and be brave, too!"--from the publisher


A girl can do anything in her patent leather shoes and in all the other fabulously girlie things in her closet.  As Sadie's family gets ready for their camping trip, Sadie packs all the right stuff to include her pearls, her satin cape and her tiara.

Battling a brother and Bigfoot, climbing through caves, and sailing down the river all come easily to this girl dressed to the nines and ready for life's unexpected adventures.

40 pages               978-1419703362               Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


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