If I Had a Raptor


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Candlewick May 2014

So, if you saw a brown cardboard box sitting alone on the sidewalk with a sign that said quite clearly, "Free raptors," would you take one?

Of course you would.  But be sure to get one when it's really young because that's when they are the fluffiest and the teensiest and the funniest.

Taking care of a baby raptor can be challenging because they are so small that it's easy to lose them.  This little raptor-owner solves that problem by giving her raptor a little bell to wear around her neck.  Then, even if she's behind the curtains you'll be sure to find her.

Our young raptor owner is up to every responsibility of raptor ownership and does a splendid job of rearing her beloved little pet.  She is totally in charge at every moment.... isn't she?  

Pet owners of all ages will delight in the care and feeding of this perfect little pet and will watch closely as the raptor grows and grows and grows.

78-0763660123   32 pages   Ages  4-8

Recommended by:  Barb, abookandahug.com

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