The day the Lords came heartbeats on Earth simply stopped and bodies were all that was left.  Dol was just a baby then and for some inexplicable reason her heart kept beating.  She and Ro.  They are survivors of the end of their known world and the beginning of a world ruled by alien beings with unimaginable power.

Now it's 2071 and the icons stand coldly and formidably in the big cities around the globe.    No one can penetrate them.  Their force fields are too strong and because of them the Lords know everything that goes on and have complete control of the human beings left on the planet.  These human beings are slaves now working in the Projects.

 Standing against this formidable power are four young people. Dol, Ro, Lucas and Tima have unique powers and even more unique dots on their forearms. They are  the Weeper, the Lover, the Rager and the Freak.  Is it true that they hold the power that can bring down the authority of the Lords?  Will the Ambassador and her Sympa guards be the ones to lay claim and control to the gifts of these young people?  Can they escape the omnipotence all around them? 

This is a story of human beings across the planet suddenly subjugated to an alien force so powerful it can kill millions with one surge of energy.  The fun here is discovering and watching the power of the four young icons.  How far will their powers reach?  How will they connect to each other?  Who can they trust?  These are superheroes of the future who are learning as they go and discovering their own superpowers.  Does the future of the Earth lie in their hands?

The ultimate question being what sets us apart and truly gives us power?  

429 pages      Ages 12 and up    978-0316205184

Recommended by:  Barb


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