Honey Cake

Honey Cake

A lot of people know the wonderful Lois Lowry book, Number the Stars, about the people of Denmark and their struggle with the Nazis. This book has a similar theme but is written for a much younger reader. David lives in Copenhagen where his father is a baker, and his older sister works for the Resistance. He's a normal little boy, who dreams of having a special train set and likes to eat pastries. Then the day comes that he has to summon his courage and do his part to take a stand against the Nazi soldiers.

112 pages                                                    978-0375851902                        Ages 7-10

Keywords:  historical fiction, World War II, Denmark, holocaust, Nazis, courage, prejudice, 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old


A story about friendship, honor, and bravery—now in paperback.

For David Nathan, Copenhagen is the most beautiful city in the world. Even Nazis in the street can’t make Copenhagen ugly. But life has changed since the soldiers arrived. His parents are always worried. And his older sister goes to school early and comes home late. Sometimes she doesn’t come home at all! David’s father is a baker, and since the war began, butter and cream are very hard to find. So David is amazed when his father makes a “special order” of cream-filled chocolate éclairs. But when no one comes to pick up the éclairs, David is asked to run a very special errand. It’s an errand that will change his life . . . forever.

Joan Betty Stuckner’s early chapter book brings an important time period to light in a way that is thrilling, inspirational, and age-appropriate for Stepping Stone readers.---from the publisher

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