Hit the Road Jack

Hit the Road Jack

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Abrams Books for Young Readers September 2012

If you're getting ready to teach United States geography or just love sharing an uplifting story with your favorite child, here's a sunny, smiling book about a rabbit on the road exploring the great United States of America from sea to shining sea. Beginning with the yellow cover with the glowing jean-clad rabbit, Jack is his name, you're invited to come along on the adventure.

Allow yourself a minute to appreciate the cover. In the foreground is an typewriter with a rolling piece of paper spewing story and creating the roadway for our hero and reaching far off into the distance where the many facets of America are waiting to be experienced. The typewriter gives you the setting....this is not 2012 and the typewriter and its long roll of paper are a testimonial to Jack Kerouac who traveled the country reporting on and sharing the bits of Americana that he discovered and raised high.

Jack the rabbit smiles widely on every page. The narrative is poetic. The rhythm creates that sense of rolling along the highways and byways with their rise and fall and the ever present beat of the tires. There is joy and pride and an elegance to this wondrous, fun-filled adventure that opens wide the possibilities to be enjoyed on a cross country road trip. So, hit the road with both Jacks.

Interesting author's note shares that Jack Kerouac wrote his book, HIT THE ROAD, on one long roll of paper, just like the road that had unfolded before him. So, a hint of biography, a door opener for geography and a wonderful adventure that's fun to read and has something waiting just over the next hill for all.

Ages 6-10  978-1419703997  48 pages

Recommended by: Barb

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